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Head Office:


64-72 Seaside Parade

North Shore,

VIC 3214


Ph:    (03) 5240 4600


Postal Address:

PO BOX 8055

Rippleside VIC 3215



Novawall ® is a stretch fabric system that can be implemented into any architectural project as either a design element or to provide an acoustical solution. 


The Novawall ® system gives the client/architect the ability to specify the fabric and design as well as choosing the acoustical rating.


Novawall® works closely with all fabric manufacturers and creates beautiful works of art that change the look and sound of a room. The system has been used in residential, commercial and speciality construction projects.


Design with the freedom of knowing your Novawall ® dealer has the tools and experience to deliver what you have created.



  • Home Theatres
  • Hotel Rooms & Lobbies
  • Conference Room
  • Auditoriums
  • Schools
  • Office Pin Boards
  • Corporate Dining Rooms
  • Executive Lounges
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Museums
  • Recording Studios
  • Airport Lounges
  • Gymnasiums
  • Courtrooms
  • Movie Theatres


  • Sustainable
  • Curved Surfaces
  • Design Flexibility
  • Site Fabricated
  • Controlled Distribution
  • Certified Installers
  • Wide Range of Fabrics
  • Pattern Matching
  • Fire Compliant
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Acoustical, Aesthetic Applications
  • NO Adhesives Used in Installation

For all enquiries please contact Lisa Sorrell - Acoustic Solutions via email on lisas@jacarandaindustries.com. 


Please click to view brochure:

2019 Novawall Brochure